Rules and Regulation

If any reason occurs for the students to stay absent, they must take permission earlier. At Sodden cases too, they have to apply to the principle by showing the real fact with guardians recommendation. 

If any Student stays absent without permission, S/he will be fined Tk. 20.00 Per day. If any Student stays absent more than five (05) days the guardians must 10c present to show use. Staying absent for three (03) or more than three due to illness will be considered sympathetically but an application with medical certificate has to be submitted in this regard.  
Playing truant is a crime- So Student will be fined Tk. 100.00 for playing truant. 

Guardian’s Day
At Guardians Day it is discussed with guardians about their wards’ academic progress and promotion of result In this way they can share their opinions, they can ask and get some information they asked for and can suggest as well. 

Besides, guardians are regularly informed of the important information & rules of the institution. 

a) Rules of paying Monthly Fees be  paid from 5 to 20 instant. If the final date is a public Holyday, they must pay fees on the next working day. 
b) If anyone is unable to pay Monthly fees in due time & wants to give in the later month. She will have to pay Tk. 50.00 as fine. 
c) If any student fails to pay the fees three months consecutive, She will be unrolled from the register Book and later by paying Tk. 300.00 fine with the Principal’s permission, His/her name may be enrolled in the register Book. 
d) The Bank responsible for the collection of xlony is Dhaka Bank Ltd.